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Mauricio Garcia Jacques, MD

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More than 20 million men, women, and children in the United States struggle to go about their day without extreme worry and fear. If severe anxiety affects your everyday life, you may benefit from ketamine infusions at iACHE’s three Houston locations, in the EMG Center, the Galleria, and North Houston. For lasting help with your severe anxiety, call your nearest iACHE location or set up an appointment with Garcia Jacques Mauricio, MD, using the online booking tool today.

Severe Anxiety Q&A

What is severe anxiety?

Nearly every person gets anxious from time to time. Stomach butterflies and feelings of uncertainty are just part of life. Severe anxiety is much more than this. Unlike general feelings of anxiety, severe anxiety typically stems from an anxiety disorder that affects the way you think and feel. It can influence every decision that you make to the point of controlling your life. 

Sometimes, severe anxiety peaks with episodes called panic attacks. During a panic attack, your heart beats rapidly, and you feel extremely fearful, with or without a concrete reason. These episodes are so intense that some people mistake them for heart attacks.

What symptoms might I experience from severe anxiety?

There are many types of anxiety disorders that cause severe anxiety, and you can get severe anxiety alongside other mental and physical conditions, like depression or menopause. They have different underlying causes, but similar symptoms appear with each of them. 

Severe anxiety signs and symptoms include:

  • Nervousness
  • Muscle tenseness
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Tiredness or fatigue
  • Trouble concentrating or focusing
  • Hyperventilation 
  • Sweating

If you don’t get treatment for your anxiety, the symptoms may begin to affect your work and your relationships with friends and family. You may develop the urge to stay inside and avoid others to reduce the possibility of encountering triggers that prompt panic attacks.

How is severe anxiety treated?

Severe anxiety is typically best treated with a multifaceted approach. The iACHE team specializes in using ketamine as an integral part of treatment for severe anxiety. 

Inside your brain, your neural pathways look and act differently than they would if you didn’t have anxiety. With a series of ketamine infusions, your brain begins to rebuild these pathways to more easily make connections that help you think more positively. 

Unlike other medicinal treatments for anxiety, ketamine’s effects last beyond its time in your system. A board-certified anesthesiologist safely supervises each infusion session, and you’re comfortably seated as it occurs. Combined with psychiatric therapy, the infusions are very successful in helping you reduce anxiety and return to a more comfortable state of mind. 

If you feel that severe anxiety controls your thoughts and actions, don’t hesitate to book an appointment by phone or online at your nearest iACHE location today.